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Having to start the process from 0, with a now invalidated. Social gatherings will also be limited to just one person from a different household from this date. More specifically, the general rule was a 150% of the IPREM for a family member, and an additional 50% for each additional relative brought to Spain. Another key point for achieving social roots is the ability of the company that is going to hire you to demonstrate its economic viability and enough means to hire you. But to do so, it was essential to have other economic resources that could support you in the country. But the government has made it easy in that regard. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This will certainly save you a lot of time. April 2, 2020 / Pin. Just the prior economic situation will be analyzed. Far-right protests in Spain over lockdowns: Coronavirus updates. Check the list here. Until today, that implied a very common problem. Several regions, for example, want to bring forward the curfew to 8pm, which under the current rules can only begin at 10pm at the earliest. During the last few weeks,  many changes in the area Spanish immigration law have taken place. Day 24 of the lockdown here in Spain and the government insinuates that it might relax lockdown restrictions after Easter. We’ve been in a nationwide coronavirus lockdown in Spain for nearly three weeks. The Council of Ministers approved on November 3 an extension of the state of alarm for a period of 6 months from 00:00 hours on November 9, 2020 , until 00:00 hours on May 9, 2021. Spain Extends Lockdown For 6 Months, A Look At Countries Recoiling After Fresh Wave Of Coronavirus. Die US-Pharmafirma Johnson & Johnson testet ihren Impfstoff in einer Phase-2 Studie jetzt an 190 spanischen Probanden. This makes it difficult to demonstrate solid economic solvency. It also contains a chip with biographical data and images from the foreigner, generating a much more modern and secure system. The only appointment you will have to make is the fingerprinting appointment once your application is approved, time to pick up your residence card. And in Castilla y León, the PP- and Ciudadanos-run regional government has already imposed an 8pm curfew, although the move has since been appealed by the Spanish government. But on the question of home confinement, it is firmly opposed. The regions can also seal off their borders, provinces, cities and healthcare areas, so that only essential travel is allowed. I was afraid as I watched the epicenter move from China, to South Korea, to Italy, Spain and now the US. One of the main novelties left by the end of the state of alarm in Spain was the automatic extension of all expired visas and residence permits. This is now over: you no longer need to get an appointment. Top 10 world news: One year to Soleimani killing, Johnson on Scotland, and more Spain eased restrictions but Madrid and Barcelona have remained in lockdown for longer because of more severe outbreaks. But with the new instruction, this has completely changed. But there is now debate about whether or not the current state of alarm should be modified to allow regions to apply even stricter restrictions. As you already know, in order to apply for the family reunification visa it is necessary to demonstrate that the resident in Spain has the economic resources to support the foreigner who will start living in the country soon. You will have 45 working days to find a new job (enough time). A number of regions, including Andalusia, Castilla y León and Murcia, also want to introduce a full home lockdown, like the one imposed between March and April last year. Spain Lockdown update: New “State of Alarm” approved until May 2021 – Mandatory curfew from 11:00 p.m. to 6 a.m. The Brexit process undoubtedly generated many doubts. She claimed that any nation that is considering reducing their lockdown … How? But the current situation looks much more promising. But if the ones we have are applied well, we believe that they will be enough, Regional governments of all political stripes have requested permission to introduce earlier curfew times. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced the measure in an institutional statement on Saturday evening, after his cabinet concluded an … Tweet. Rambla de Catalunya 124, 08008, Barcelona (Spain). Spain aims to remove most restrictions on daily life and return to a “new normal” over the next eight weeks, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said. Written By. Many companies have been forced to close, and others are experiencing great economic difficulties. But like many other European countries it has seen a … This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Since June the 21st (end date of the lockdown in the country), this extension has started. Will they lose their residency? The coronavirus crisis and the lockdown have generated important changes in the life of all the inhabitants of the country, and this undoubtedly affects foreigners as well. Would you like to start your application? However, once the file has been resolved as favorable, the employer still has one month to register you withing the social security system. Do you still have doubts? The coronavirus crisis and the lockdown have generated important changes in the life of all the inhabitants of the country, and this undoubtedly affects foreigners as well. Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish prime minister, insisted the lockdown was still in force. For example, the regional government of Valencia on Tuesday ordered the closure of all food and drink establishments (takeaway service is allowed) and sports facilities. However, with the current crisis caused by the coronavirus, this has become complicated. Everything that happened during the coronavirus crisis and afterwards won’t be taken into account. Germany joins a growing list of EU countries to at least partially shut out its neighbors. It is possible to renew your residence due to exceptional circumstances without having an employment contract. “We are not in a phase of de-escalation,” he said during a press conference on Sunday. We had already seen in one of our last articles how the vast majority of immigration procedures could be carried out online. Under the state of alarm that was approved last October, there is a nationwide curfew – with the exception of the Canary Islands – from 11pm to 6am, which regional authorities can bring forward or back by an hour. Residence Permit as a Family Member of an EU Citizen, More flexibility and ease when applying for social arraigo, You can now submit a new job contract if your employee can’t hire you anymore, Reduction of the economic requirements necessary to renew your arraigo, Appointments with the immigration office are over, You can now submit all your immigration applications online, Visas and residence permit extensions have now started, New residence permit for UK citizens after Brexit, Less economic means required for the family reunification visa, How to Obtain the EU Registration Certificate in Spain, New Brexit Mesures for British Citizens in Spain During 2021, Immigration Regularisation in Spain during 2021, Fees for your Immigration Procedure in Spain, Administrative Silence (“Silencio Administrativo”) in Spain: Meaning and Types, I accept the privacy policies of this site. The Spanish police office has started to issue a new format of cards. We'll have another update for you tomorrow morning. Required fields are marked *. People from Segrià, including the city of … 7. Share. Our team of lawyers answers them all in less than 24 hours! Under … Staatsform ist eine parlamentarische Erbmonarchie. In the past, in order to present the documentation to apply for a residence permit, you had to get an appointment with the immigration office and submit all the paperwork yourself. Authorities in Galicia have also toughened restrictions in 70% of the region. Would you like to be updated with the latest immigration news and other useful tips for you? So long that many times the employer could no longer afford to hire the foreigner. Spanien (spanisch [esˈpaɲa], amtlich Königreich Spanien, spanisch Reino de España [ˈrejno ð(e) esˈpaɲa]) ist ein Staat auf der Iberischen Halbinsel im Südwesten Europas, mit den Balearischen Inseln im Mittelmeer, den Kanarischen Inseln im Atlantik und zwei Exklaven in Nordafrika. The Spanish resort town of Santona has gone back into lockdown following a spike in cases Credit: Alamy. However, the last instruction published by the government implies a series of changes in the process of obtaining social arraigo that will undoubtedly benefit you. Pedro Sanchez is set to re lockdown Spain on Friday 18th of September as the nation battles to contain the increased outbreaks of coronavirus in Spain. Contact us and let us help you out. Spain, where more than 25,000 people have died from Covid-19, has been under a lockdown since March 14 and the current state of emergency ends at midnight on Saturday. But from, three of them have been unified into a single one. Well, now that list of procedures has been drastically expanded. “We are seeing a rise in cases as a result of the Christmas holiday period and that makes us want to have more tools to respond. Share on Facebook ; … What’s more, the call for earlier curfew times has been sounded by regional authorities of all political stripes: the conservative Popular Party (PP) in Andalusia and the Socialist Party (PSOE) in Valencia. Your email address will not be published. Report below updated in Spain at 19.30h on Wednesday 6 May The Spanish Congress has voted to officially extend the ‘state of alarm’ lockdown until 24 May. Castille and Leon, one of the worst-hit regions, even wants to reimpose its own brief lockdown, but the government has turned down the request. And that is true in the case of regrouping under-aged children. Remember that for regular residence authorizations we are talking about 6 months and for tourist or student visas 3 months. When I wrote my last post, From Spain, With Love: A Coronavirus Lockdown Cautionary Tale, I was worried about the US. On the other hand, those who are still in the UK but want to start living in Spain, will also be able to do so with the same facilities as any other European, provided that they do so before the end of the year. But if the ones we have are applied well, we believe that they will be enough if we wait 14 days,” said Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa in a radio interview with SER Catalunya. In a bid to stem the fresh wave of the coronavirus epidemic, countries including Germany, France, Spain, and several European countries have imposed fresh regulations. This undoubtedly makes the process much easier. By: ABP News Bureau Updated: 30 October 2020, 9:17 AM (IST) Representative Image (Getty) … However, for initial applications or renewals, it will not be necessary. But there are great differences in how regions are responding to the surge in coronavirus cases in Spain, where the 14-day cumulative number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants reached 714.21 on Tuesday. 7. Pls i need spain nationality without dele 2 exam, Your email address will not be published. This browser is no longer supported. What did that mean? Spain imposed one of the toughest lockdowns early on in the pandemic and then relaxed curbs over the summer. Now, if your application for arraigo is successful and your employer cannot hire you at that time, it is possible to find and bring in a new employment contract and your file will still be kept. A new special residence permit has been created for British citizens. One of the main requirements when applying for social roots is to provide an employment contract. Vishal Tiwari . Last Updated: 16th January, 2021 17:40 IST No Lockdown In Spain Despite Sharp Rise In Cases Spain's health minister said on Saturday that his government will attempt to avoid a full-scale lockdown as it stands by its pledge to vaccinate a large part of its population by the summer despite the delay in the distribution of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Whatever that procedure is. Last Updated: 26th January, 2021 08:13 IST Spain: Madrid Police Increase Checks On Roads After New Lockdown Restrictions Imposed Madrid local police have increased checks on roads after the restrictions to prevent new variants of the COVID-19 virus were announced by the authorities . But from now on, the minimum amount required has been reduced, both for the initial application and for the subsequent year in which you need to maintain those same economic means. More from Europe Vaccine Shortages; U.K. Sees Long Lockdown: Virus Update Latest Immigration News & Updates after the Lockdown in Spain During the last few weeks, many changes in the area Spanish immigration law have taken place. But the Spanish government, headed by a center-left coalition of the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, believes the current state of alarm gives the regions enough latitude to contain the pandemic. In this article we are going to summarize all those changes and outline the most relevant immigration news during the past month. The cities of Arteixo (A Coruña province), Viveiro (Lugo) and Xinzo (Ourense) are soon to be under even stricter rules: from Thursday all food and drink establishments and non-essential businesses will be closed. Anti-Lockdown Riots Break Out in Spain after Government Extends State of Emergency By Zachary Evans. Spain’s government are now considering a full Spanish lockdown as mutant COVID strain revealed in Europe. If these are not sufficient, the employment contract wont’ be valid. We finally say goodbye to one of the most tedious steps in getting a residence permit. We all know how the previous process looked liked: navigate online to see if there is availability for an appointment (usually there was not), once you find one, wait for 3 or 4 months until you can go to the office … A never-ending process. Under the new rules, which come into effect on Thursday, all non-essential retail stores will also have to shut by 6pm. There is no exact figure: each case will be analyzed independently and will depend on the circumstances of the particular foreigner. Spain's hotel chiefs have warned they can't afford to reopen after coronavirus lockdown ends unless British holidaymakers are allowed to return. A bar in Valencia shuts down after regional authorities ordered food and drink establishments to close for 14 days. Der spanische Gesundheitsminister Illa schließt einen zweiten landesweiten Lockdown aus. Until now, we’ve lived with four different types of TIEs or residency cards. And what about their relatives who have the Community card? 1. We’ll start this section with some bad news: no mass regularization process of foreigners without papers has been initiated, as many requested. Thus, it is now possible to regroup minor children by demonstrating income equivalent to the SMI (minimum interprofessional salary) in Spain, equivalent to 950 € per month. Er rechnet damit, dass Ende des Jahres für die Gruppen, die es am nötigsten haben, die ersten Corona-Impfungen in Spanien verfügbar sein werden. Simply talk to our lawyers, let us prepare all the documentation for you, and we will send it as quickly as possible online through a professional register – without dropping by the foreigner’s office! Until now, that was equivalent to the economic requirement of the family reunification procedure (150% of the IPREM). Those who already have their green card and live in Spain have until the 31st of December to modify to this card, the same as their relatives with the family member of an EU citizen visa. Then do not hesitate to be on our list! Spain is officially in a nationwide lockdown for at least 15 days, in order to combat the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). That’s why the government has introduced several modifications that you should be aware of. About Zachary Evans November 1, 2020 9:43 AM. It is the first area forced to return to the strict "phase one" of the Spanish government's coronavirus lockdown. Unlike other PP regional governments, which have shut food and drink establishments, the Madrid executive plans to take no such action. Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González explained Spain's eventual coronavirus lockdown exit strategy. In response to the rising number of coronavirus cases, Spanish regions have introduced tough new measures, such as the perimetral lockdowns … ⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates. It is now the fourth extension of … Spanish leader Pedro Sanchez has this afternoon been discussing with other counterparts in Europe including UK PM Boris Johnson the revelation of the new mutant covid strain that has seen other countries today head back into harsh lockdown scenarios. In Navarre, for example, which has an incidence rate of 404 cases, all indoor dining areas will be closed from Saturday. More than 200,000 people have been put on lockdown in a Spanish county after a surge in coronavirus cases. BLOGWHAT WE DOWHO WE AREIMMIGRATION FAQ’SCONTACT USCOOKIE POLICYPRIVACY POLICY, Most read:Cost of living in SpainTop 10 things about SpainPros & cons of living in BarcelonaHealth insurance for expats.


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