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Think of a theme for your Chromebook. There’s no answer. However, I wouldn’t recommend playing games at … You can edit videos, make beats, draw digital art, video chat, voice chat, make phone calls, and even multitask with split screen mode. MTurk is exclusively for taking surveys 80% of the time. You can play games, watch videos, answer a daily poll, and even just search the web. With increasing crossover functionality for both Linux and Android, it now has access to a plethora of apps and games that in the past would have been unthinkable. It’s the most Nintendo-influenced Chromebook I’ve ever seen. Or how about enabling dark mode everywhere? You don’t really know exactly what you’ll find until you start browsing through the archives. The process is pretty easy and only takes 20 minutes. Thanks to the Google Play store, you've got an incredible catalog of gaming options on Chrome OS. Better yet, a convertible Chromebook would be ideal so you can fold it back and use it in tablet mode. Why pull out your phone when you can do it from your comfortable keyboard/touchpad setup? Check out this post to see some compatible DAWs. Are you bored with your Chromebook? There are some games that work directly in Chrome and require no download. Without sounding like a generic motivational poster with a poorly executed meme, there ARE some pretty sweet things that Chromebooks are capable of. If you hate surveys but want to make some small money, try Swagbucks because they offer a lot more options. Eventually, you will find someone with the same interests as you. In this post, I will introduce you to the 15 Best Unblocked Game Sites that you can access to play games at school, college or even work. Literally? Especially if you have a stable internet connection. I don’t blame you. Oh, and if you have a powerful enough device, you can technically stream on your Chromebook. I do understand some consumers reviews saying that Chrome OS is not reccomended as a daily OS, but I still always carry my Windows device in my laptop bag along- side my Chromebook. Copyright 2015-2020  | All Rights Reserved | Platypus Platypus, How to Install and Play League of Legends on…, 10 Best Email Apps for Chromebooks (Chrome) to…, How to Play World of Warcraft (WoW) on a Chromebook…, List of Chromebooks with Backlit Keyboards (Buy the…, Useful if you'd like to be replied to privately. You’ll be the talk of the office- or school. This is an app that will remind you of Photoshop, but it is easier to use. Pair some cool headphones that have a similar color accent. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on You can do this using three different methods: Chrome Remote Desktop is a browser extension that lets you host a remote session from your PC and control it on your Chromebook. A game in fullscreen mode will take up the entire monitor. But if you’re stuck with only a keyboard and mouse, you’ll want to seek out games that work well with that control scheme. Twelve Best Unblocked Games To Play When You’re Bored. Out of all the RPG (Role-playing game) or MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) games for Chromebook, Arcane Legends will get your Chromebook on board. We’ve come up with some of the best unblocked games for 2020. Game Dev Tycoon ($5) Play a game about developing games—why not? Almara Abgarian Monday 27 Apr 2020 11:10 am. And maybe put a nice laptop cooler with the same matching colors under it to keep your Chromebook cool. Remember back in the day, when you were bored, ... Scroll down to Google Play Store and turn on the option to install apps and games from Google Play. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Here are some cool Chromebook apps you can check out: There are a ton of social apps you can try out, for free, that work on Chrome OS. And I think it’s easier to use for the beginner. So you have plenty of apps to choose from: Although there’s no version of the infamous Photoshop that works with Chrome OS, there are plenty of free alternatives. Your chromebook can be transformed into an awesome entertainment center- complete with your favorite media player, image viewer, and more. It is great with Android or browser games. You may also be limited to the apps you can download from the Play Store (or not have Play Store access at all). From the Google Play Store, you can install Adobe Photoshop Express, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Sketch. Stadia is a new-age game-streaming platform that allows you to play graphics-intensive and AAA title games on your Chromebook without requiring top-notch hardware. This isn’t for everyone and most people will probably find money matters even MORE boring than before. Yes, the Chromebook is not meant for professional gaming. If you already use your Chromebook just for entertainment, getting some free apps can make your leisure time online even more leisurely. Although apps are “always there” they’re easy to overlook. But anyone can use them to make some tracks. (Not displayed to the public.). You just get Linux, then get WINE. As long as you don’t have web filtering software, they should work right on Chrome. Regardless, it’s an easy way to earn some money online with your Chromebook. Let’s see if we can find something to keep you busy. Yes, you can run your favorite Windows programs on your Chromebook. To do so, I had to first turn on Linux Beta for my Chromebook. Create slideshows and presentations with Google Slides. However, it can still handle games. You can play desktop games like Cyberpunk 2077, PUBG, Hitman , Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, Destiny 2, etc on a decently powered Chromebook. He has Yoshi from Nintendo sticking his tongue out eating the Chrome logo and a whole scene of characters from Mario doing various poses on his keys. It’s kind of the same thing like decking out a car with vinyl decals and bumper stickers to show off your ride. Here are some of the best but hidden Google games that you can play inside Chrome, Earth, Search, Assistant, and Android today. – 2021, How to Make Money Online With a Chromebook (Working 2021), Turn it into a Windows emulator by using Linux and WINE, Convert it to a streaming media center using, Play shows, games, movies, and videos on your TV (. You may want to also invest in a stylus pen for finer details. It is great with Android or browser games. All you need is something to save your files onto and a Chromebook with an Intel processor! Believe it or not, Chromebooks can be a workhorse of a machine to get things done. There are a few sites you can earn legitimate income from by taking surveys, playing games, or watching videos. Chromebooks can run apps both from the Play Store and the Chrome Web Store. WINE requires a fast Chromebook. It’s official, you can now play all your PC games on your Chromebook. Well, if you’re bored on your Chromebook, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of things you can do to keep you busy. The playful bunch at Google HQ can’t resist sneaking some secret hidden games into their products. WINE requires Linux to be installed, but this should be easy if you have Linux (Beta) enabled or you can use the Crouton method. You can take your daily selfie using your Chromebook’s webcam and post it straight from your device. Not having to run a VM on my Windows PC to play my favoriute games is just emaculate! You can pretty much access a huge chunk of Android apps and run them directly on your device to do anything- play games, productivity apps, educational apps, video/conference calls, save money with coupon codes, spell checkers, social apps, messengers, music stations, password managers, and more.


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