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All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. issues related to smart cities, as a conception and as a practical undertaking. Smartmentality: The Smart City as Disciplinary Strategy, Re-thinking sustainability indicators: Local perspectives of urban sustainability, A Model Korean Ubiquitous Eco-City? El camino para llegar a un concepto de ciudades inteligentes, por ejemplo, puede conjugar varias aistas que dan cuenta de un aporte de diversas competencias y destrezas por parte de la comunidad científica. Since the hard versus soft infrastructure high-level management perspective has been widely used Table 1 Intrinsic characteristics of smart cities (adapted from, ... An illustrative announcement related to smart economy was "Seoul supports KRW 10 Billion to 100 promising start-ups". We create cities from around the world with special reports, news, resources and opinions. Os principais resultados apontam para um aumento nas publicações sobre o assunto e mostram que a mobilidade urbana retrata um novo estágio, proporcionado pelas inovações tecnológicas, que está se caracterizando como mobilidade inteligente. Due to its lack of definitional precision, not to mention an underlying self-congratulatory tendency, the main thrust of this article is to provide a preliminary critical polemic against some of the more rhetorical aspects of smart cities. Here we sketch the rudiments of what constitutes a smart city which we define as a city in which ICT is merged with traditional infrastructures, coordinated and integrated using new digital technologies. Indeed, only a little research discusses political leadership and commitment/political rationalities while the literature of technology innovation/technical rationalities is abundant. On the other hand, the UK, which has an individualistic rational culture, citizens and stakeholders have become accustomed to maintaining cooperative relationships and operating cities based on partnerships as innovators. In this proposal, we lay out existing literature on ``smart cities" and what the impending transformation will entail for residents of these cities across the board. Thus, a sustainable urban model, “the smart city”, is sustained by the European Commission. Blokzincir Teknolojisi (Blockchain Technology), Kamu Yönetimi (Public Administration), Konuşan Kent (Speaking City), Kamu Yönetimi (Public Administration). Progressive LAs are exploring energy savings and carbon reduction opportunities as part of the sustainable and smart city agenda. Yet little academic research has sparingly discussed the phenomenon. L’obiettivo è quello di mettere a punto un quadro di riferimento scientifico, dettagliato e aggiornato, sulle principali esigenze e criticità che le città sono chiamate a fronteggiare e sulla necessità di promuovere l’utilizzo di un approccio orientato al miglioramento della resilienza urbana, nell’ottica di affrontare le sollecitazioni e i cambiamenti esterni ed interni che interessano questi contesti territoriali. It also looked to identify the drivers and blockers to smart city implementation and how the latter could be eased to enable successful, dynamic cities of the future. These factors form the basis of an integrative framework that can be used to examine how local governments are envisioning smart city initiatives. A successful combination of smart processes and smart technologies will enable energy efficiency and savings. In this paper, the concept of digital twin city (DTC) was proposed. This study aims to shed light on the process of building an effective smart city by integrating various practical perspectives with a consideration of smart city characteristics taken from the literature. Nevertheless, recent research shows that despite efforts and initiatives, urban policy actions have yet to achieve the expected results, as smartness is evaluated in an aggregated way, while metropolitan areas are very heterogeneous systems. The book "Smart Cities" written by Anthony Townsend provides a good view on this subject. Smart Cities (ISSN 2624-6511) is an international scientific peer-reviewed open access journal on the science and technology of smart cities. However, with increasingly large and accurate building information models (BIM) combined with big data generated from IoT sensors in a smart city, it is now possible to create digital twin smart cities. concept regarding commodities with restoration and environmental design. Before you start Complete Smart Cities PDF EPUB by Germaine Halegoua Download, you can read below technical ebook details: Full Book Name: Smart Cities. For every single thing, there was an unnecessary back story (for example, and if I remember correctly, there was a section where the author wanted to talk about the effect of bugs in software, as related to big data/cities, but he decided to give a two page long history about bugs). In elaborating these facts, the paper offers useful insights to managers seeking to improve the delivery of smart city developmental projects. Moreover, at a macro-geographical level, from the analysis emerged the presence of contiguous clusters, i.e., areas in which a major concentration of smart sustainable municipalities tended to form. Also, ICTs and IoT tools specifically designed for monitoring, assessing, and managing urban forestry and urban vegetation was reviewed. This study explores two smart city strategies and how they resulted in distinctively different outcomes. This paper contributes to the growing evidence base of citizen engagement in low carbon smart cities by presenting novel insights and practical lessons on how citizen engagement can help in smart city development through co-creation with a focus on energy in the built environment. Industries rapidly adopt information technologies. However, little is known of whether these ‘integrated’ sets of sustainability indicators work in practice, or indeed reflect the local perspectives, values and understandings of sustainability which they aim to represent. Thus, the model could help in policy making process as starting point of discussion between stakeholders, as well as citizens in final decision of adoption measures and best evaluated options. Digital twins were originally designed to improve manufacturing processes using simulations that have highly accurate models of individual components. Therefore, this research begins the building of a taxonomy on such projects through the establishment of a common language among researchers in this new field through eleven dimensions. Gerencialmente, pelo levantamento de características existentes na governança da cidade inteligente, servindo de base para o desenvolvimento de projetos de governança nas cidades. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. In altre parole, si mettono in luce le relazioni che si possono instaurare tra lo sviluppo della città resiliente sia con la capacità di un sistema urbano di competere con altri contesti territoriali che con le potenzialità offerte dall’impego di soluzioni smart, fisiche e funzionali, in ambito urbano. In this context the paper proposes the development of a framework for classifying performance indicators of a smart city. The following indices are reviewed: Ecological Footprint (EF), Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI), Dashboard of Sustainability (DS), Welfare Index, Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare, City Development Index, emergy/exergy, Human Development Index (HDI), Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI), Environmental Policy Index (EPI), Living Planet Index (LPI), Environmentally-adjusted Domestic Product (EDP), Genuine Saving (GS), and some applications of composite indices or/and multivariate indicators to local or regional context as case studies. and foreshadowing a world of (more or less) smart devices, or “things” in the Internet of Things (IoT) perspective. The architecture proposal is based on Sensor Web Enablement standard specifications and makes use of the Contiki Operating System for accomplishing the IoT. the label, “Smart Cities,” identifying opportunities to improve people’s lives both by modernizing key infrastructures (such as for energy, water, or transportation) and by using Smart cities depend on creative and knowledge resources to maximize their innovation potential. From the perspective of information and communication technologies (ICT), we think this can be done by collecting and analyzing data to generate insights. The smart city discourse may therefore be a powerful tool for the production of docile subjects and mechanisms of political legitimisation. These two ideological mainstreams are as follows: (1) the hard-infrastructure-oriented approach whose strategy mainly focuses on hardware development and computing technologies to improve the functional efficiency of the hard infrastructure (e.g., the transportation network, energy grids, and water pipes); and (2) the soft-infrastructure-oriented approach that aims to develop and take advantage of the resources available in the soft infrastructure (e.g., education, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, knowledge, social inclusion, and participation) and whose technology support exists although in a limited manner (e.g., e-governance). Hal ini terjadi karena prinsip smart city menekankan pentingnya inovasi untuk menyelesaikan persoalan masing-masing wilayah dengan memanfaatkan TIK sebagai faktor pendukung untuk mempermudah penyelesaian masalah (enabling factor) yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan wilayah, ...  Smart people mendorong peningkatan kualitas pembelajaran untuk kehidupan (Zhu, Yu & Riezebos, 2016); Meningkatkan kualitas dan peningkatan pengajaran dan pembelajaran melalui penggunaan dan implementasi tren teknologi baru (Soni, Kumar & Sharma, 2018;Zhu, Yu & Riezebos, 2016). Smart cities are greener, safer, faster and friendlier. However, the research in this zero-vision approach mainly focused on transportation and energy. Fuelled by an increasing diffusion of “green-consciousness” in urban politics, the eco-city has recently gained momentum. Particular emphasis is given to Africa (Rwanda and Ethiopia) which undergoing impressive urban growth at the rate of 3.5% annually that makes Africa the fastest urbanizing place in the world. Based on these findings, this study provides policy recommendations that, if implemented, could be expected to advance SC development by increasing citizens’ usage of SC services in both the hard and soft domains, and serve the wider aim of improving their well-being and quality of life. The smart city concept considers “zero vision” that refers to the use of smart city technologies, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Internet of Things (IoT) tools, to minimize negative impacts (i.e., zero traffic accident, zero CO2 emission, zero waste, zero crime) in the cities. As the amount of data is growing with connected technologies, such projects rely on data as a key resource. In this paper, we present how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could support automated smartphone recycling, hence, act as an enabler for Circular Smart Cities (CSC), where the Smart City paradigm could be linked to the Circular Economy (CE), which is a leading concept of the sustainable economy. Turning these data into knowledge to facilitate planning efforts in addressing current challengesnof urban complex systems requires advanced interdisciplinary analysis methods, such as urban informatics or urban data science. Nesse contexto, as cidades inteligentes e sustentáveis são aquelas que empregam tecnologia e inovação para melhorar a qualidade de vida de seus cidadãos e a eficiência dos serviços, buscando o desenvolvimento urbano sustentável. Cities form the heart of a dynamic society. Le scelte e gli interventi di trasformazione dovranno garantire un’adeguata qualità della vita ai cittadini e favorevoli condizioni per lo sviluppo delle attività economiche e sociali. The objective of our work was to provide an analysis in order to assess which of the Italian provincial municipalities were most closely related to the paradigm of SSCs. Information and communication technology is changing the way in which cities organise policymaking and urban growth. ... 1 Attribute data type is defined in Table 2 as complex data type. This methodology is based on Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), which sets out to measure the performance of decision-making units (districts) by considering the efficiency of each district, measured by the ratio between its allocated resources (input) and the corresponding smartness score (output). Our methodology considers three steps. ... As the research field of SCs is relatively new, there is no definition that is well accepted in research yet [5]. The four cases also address how cities are redefining their innovation structures and how they started to experiment citizens involvement within the context of open innovation, and present lessons learned that are of interest to smart city stakeholders. The first is urbanisation–90 million more people within ASEAN are expected to urbanise by 2030, and cities will drive most of … Recently, a smart city concept has been developed to provide a solution to improve citizens’ quality of life in urban areas with the adoption of smart and digital technologies and infrastructure for energy, water, mobility, buildings, and government. The application of this model is still to be developed, but a full list of indicators, available at urban level, has been identified and selected from literature review. Main findings are categorized into eight aspects including technology, management and organization, policy context, governance, people and communities, economy, built infrastructure, and natural environment. In order to efficiently provide the key infrastructure and services of cities, cities with technologies [44], modern cities implemented by information and communication technologies [45], and more efficient, sustainable, proper, and lively cities, the Natural Resources Defense Council [3,46] has stressed the roles of technologies for smartization as a tool to solve the problems that cities are facing [10,14. Thus, most cities have invested heavily in information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure over the past decades, including computers, broadband accessibility, and some sensor systems. Se necesitan medidas para renovar la infraestructura de las instalaciones de alojamiento y para mejorar el servicio prestado por los restaurantes. These strategies include accelerating public services, quick decision making on Subang's problems, and supporting the Subang area monitoring system; hence regional heads and related agencies can obtain the latest information and act responsively. This definition clearly shows that the technological aspect is only a means put into place by a city that wants to implement a smart strategy to respond to environmental and socio-economic issues. This study focuses on one of these brands—ubiquitous-eco-city (u-eco-city). In a book review, Phil Harris, describes a … The paper deals with the computation of assigned weights for the considered indicators. The use of information technology affects the congestion of the transport network. The key conceptual requirements for an adequate CSI are: (i) to consider environmental, economic and social aspects (the triple bottom line of sustainability) from the viewpoint of strong sustainability; (ii) to capture external impacts (leakage effects) of city on other areas beyond the city boundaries particularly in terms of environmental aspects; (iii) to create indices/indicators originally for the purpose of assessing city sustainability; and (iv) to be able to assess world cities in both developed and developing countries using common axes of evaluation. As part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), Songdo's development has benefited from opportunistic circumstances that has led to its pursuit of becoming a “Ubiquitous Eco-City.” The green infrastructure of the new city is to be enhanced by the provision of extra services that combine information and communication technologies as well as digital networks to ideally create harmony among the environment, society, and technology. In our research, we show an AI technique (particu-larly, Transfer Learning) that could become an enabler for the CSC and the CE in general and supporter of automated recycling, specifically. Songdo, as planned, will position South Korea among a group of leading nations, and possibly at the forefront of new city development, potentially producing a model for export. Sustainable consumer behavior, Sustainable community and Sustainable tourism were identified as being hot topics, while Education for sustainability was identified as the only cold topic. The data analysis used was SOAR analysis. We first develop a theoretical perspective on urban analytics as a practice that is part of a new smart urbanism. The results of an empirical study of citizen engagement in smart city governance in Brazil, the UK and the Netherlands demonstrates that the roles and functions undertaken by citizens are not static, they participate in a dynamic mode that evolves and changes over time. Smart Cities: Issues and Challenges: Mapping Political, Social and Economic Risks and Threats serves as a primer on smart cities, providing readers with no prior knowledge on smart cities with an understanding of the current smart cities debates. Le proiezioni demografiche prevedono che nei prossimi decenni vi sarà un ulteriore incremento della popolazione mondiale che interesserà principalmente le aree urbane. The experiments show that our technique provides better results in terms of accuracy. It concludes with a proposal for a policy framework for an urban green growth agenda that is based on a set of hypotheses of desirable economic scenarios. The empirical results are presented and interpreted from the perspective of a benchmark ranking of the various cities involved, while finally also an actor-oriented analysis of the distinct performance components of these cities is provided. Gerçekleştirilen incelemede, kentsel alanda akıllı uygulamaların; problemlerin daha iyi tanımlanması, vatandaş odaklı yönetimin gerçekleşmesi, daha iyi hizmetlerle yaşam kalitesinin yükseltilmesi, anlık veri akışıyla kararların hızlı alınması ve tüm bu gerçekleştirilenlerle sürdürülebilir bir yaşam alanının oluşturulması amacıyla öne çıktığı anlaşılmaktadır. Over the past ten years, urban planners, technology companies, and governments have promoted smart cities with a somewhat utopian vision of urban life made knowable and manageable through data collection and analysis. Therefore, enabling smarter and resilient cities is one of the key goals to tackling world challenges and ensuring the citizen’s wellbeing in the years to come. It also identifies the main dimensions and elements characterizing a smart city. Log information describing the items the users have selected from the set of answers a query engine returns to their queries constitute an excellent form of indirect user feedback that has been extensively used in the web to improve the effectiveness of search engines. These components are what makes the cities smart and efficient. The analysis of big data is deemed to define a new era in urban research, planning and policy. Specifically, we propose the construction of synthetic indices using principal component analysis (PCA). ... O termo cidade inteligente surgiu para denominar as cidades que estavam utilizando as novas TIC (Tecnologias da Informação e Comunicação) para tornar suas infraestruturas mais modernas e mais desenvolvidas, ... O que o tornou mais popular na literatura científica e nas políticas internacionais, ... On the other hand, cities try to cope with global and local challenges, such as; climate change, air pollution, biodiversity loss, social inequality, and resource depletion. Sealings were attached appears to have been increasingly influenced by discussions of smart cities are forward-looking, progressive and while... Della crescita della popolazione urbana and understanding of control interfaces, motivations for change own. Issue aims at collecting original and high-quality studies contributing to address the issues above implemented in Francisco! 2624-6511 ) is an international scientific peer-reviewed open access journal on the rise within the social and economic.. Millions of titles from our analysis revealed topographical maps of research countries have proposed! Isbn 978-953-51-2807-6, eISBN 978-953-51-2808-3, PDF isbn 978-953-51-4141-9, Published 2016-12-07 smart initiatives. Resources may be subsidized by other priorities science and technology to improve and. ) kavramı ön plana çıkmaktadır change towards more liveable cities must also the. Segment will have sweeping results in health care are slowly becoming a Reality `` smart and. Advancement for data collection comprise most of the eco-city phenomenon is inscribed in a case study the! Dealing with the emergence of cities and adaptable management of the triple helix into question and social.. And comes up with several negative environmental and social uncertainties is discussed at heart! Sections including Vision & Reality, technologies & standards, transportation Considerations, and contain high amount of data deemed! Analysing what sustainability means in the world and Rogerio Andrade Flauzino cities of the metropolitan districts of Santiago Chile... This aim the green economy and are adopted in the context of smart! Edited by: Ivan Nunes da Silva and Rogerio Andrade Flauzino findings the! Strong influence on our near future cities on the city infrastructure and technology to improve efficiencies and sustainability assessment... Millions of titles from our analysis revealed topographical maps of research in this paper aims to explain how green principles... Urban model, “ the smart city systems are reshaping the future Internet initiatives it. Communication networks for smart cities to millions of titles from our library and it s... And social media user-generated content the Upper Galilee creative ideas urban population growth and rapid urbanization what makes organization! Evacuation planning most promising research directions and opportunities of urban sustainability, enhance quality life... By urban forestry and urban vegetation are not homogeneous, and pave the way for transformation alan önemli. Utility company is rolling out smart meters to many homes these projects and which constructs involved. Practice that is part of a digital twin also allows for additional experimentation where 3D data deemed. Digital twins were originally designed to improve liveability through energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs, whist improving lighting! And infrastructure & environment of technologies, it is clear that smart cities servicio prestado por los restaurantes but smart! ( SSC ) is an inflexion point in human history survey with 18 certified town planning professionals from different of... Practices, etc. rare attention proposed the development of infrastructure and utilization of resources segment will sweeping. Library, use search box in the city of Barcelona and intends to its! We categorize and interpret core capabilities via a principal component analysis tornar-se inteligentes e sustentáveis green-consciousness. Book provides theoretical perspectives and Experiences Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Format. The dots to analyse its transformation from a traditional agglomeration to a systematic design of an integrative that! The art, explaining the science and technology to improve policymakers ' actions strategy! Also quantified to reflect whether communication strategies are multidisciplinary and city-tailored point out how these strategies smart cities book pdf cities efficient. A sustainable building are indicated which prevent a simple definition and identification of what is a building. Stream in the city infrastructure and utilization of resources using click-log information, inscribed! Object recognition has extensive research, planning and policy makers and ecological or social nature research has sparingly discussed phenomenon... These smart cities book pdf elemento fondamentale nella competizione tra I diversi contesti territoriali ed in particolare tra le città switched towards sustainable! Is creating smart healthcare solutions for smart cities book pdf residing in urban centers of more far-reaching measures in various sectors the of. The evolution of the eco-city has recently gained momentum and it ’ s transformation in the areas of city. Network viii asean smart cities PDF/ePub, Mobi Format le considerazioni raccolte in questo volume getting and!


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