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The natural divisions of meaning in Toki Pona word clusters involves each subsequent word being stuck onto the concept completed to the left such that: “A B C D E” = “[[[[A] of B] of C] of D] of E”. Toki Pona examples and corresponding parse trees can be found in treebank.json. This [subject + verb +/- object] structure, SVO, for short is the basic structure of the English language; everything else gives supplementary and subordinate information. My newest obsession is the language Toki Pona, the world’s smallest language, a ConLang (constructed language). With just 120-123 words (depending on how you count), I didn't think it was possible to say anything. Now you’ll note that the last sentence tells us more information about when “David naps.” Things that describe or give more information about a verb/action are adverbs. So if we want to convey something else, what we do is we forcibly define where we want these brackets/groupings to be. ), Meanwhile, intransitive verbs don’t have this kind of subject: “On Sundays, David naps.” Here there the juicy bit of the sentence is “David naps.”. From a language which has no words for quietness or loudness or jokes or cutlery or friendship, you have created ways to say these things. Nasin tan would pick phrases that imply a ignorance of science, or better yet a phrase that is equally compatible with a naive or scientific view of the world. In another example, the word wile means both ‘to … I encourage Toki Pona enthusiasts to seek out other sites and study materials. Vocab for examples: (mi = I, me, my) (sina = You, your) (moku = food, eat, swallow) (kili = fruit/veg) (toki = talk, say, language) (pona = good, simple, well) (jan = person). S�w���t(��eU7o�$�f�Z&$ہш~��f��Q��������2MV���έ�C�2Jks�Y�����n��YVQ�q�w��d�U���/��"� ����N:�Z>���߫����@#R C����Q�"��j�t�=hkX,��6('�֗��v�T%5���b��jG4�1Y�l���e�'R�g�XA��掲�. For proper names, toki pona uses so-called “unofficial words”. A basic introduction to the constructed language Toki Pona and the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis. One or two examples in the book seem inconsistent with the words' meanings or feel like a wrong use of them caused by interference from English, for example 'toki lon toki pona' - 'speak in Toki Pona'. Or any other potential division of these roots. Then what’s a semicolon? The last bit of English Grammar you need for Toki Pona is to understand what a predicate is. The Toki Pona expression for friend is jan pona, or literally ‘good person’. wawa li lon insa. It is a minimal language. The essence of Toki Pona. It was created by Canadian linguist Sonja Elen Kisa in 2001. On Glosbe you can check not only translations into language English or Toki Pona: we also provide examples of usage, by showing dozens of examples of translated sentences containing translated phrase. To do this we use “[x] pi [y]” which we might translate as “[x] of [y]“ or “[x] that is [y] “. When we talk about collections of words we can refer to a: “Alex likes to eat tasty pizza, but sometimes he overindulges”, [Alex likes to eat tasty pizza] [but] [sometimes he overindulges], [Alex] {[likes][to eat]} {[tasty][pizza]} [but] [sometimes] [he] [overindulges], [subject] {[verb][verb]} {object} [conjunction] [adverb] [subject] [verb], [proper noun] {transitive verb phrase} [object] [conjunction] [adverb] [pronoun] [intransitive verb]. Rufescently? %äüöß links and resources for learning toki pona and engaging with others. Transitive verbs affect something: “I like dogs.”, Note that the verb “to like” affects or is directed at a thing (“dogs”). Example Sentences Gallery. Vocab for examples (ilo = tool, device) (musi = to play, fun) (lili = small, young, less, short) (kalama = sound, noise, voice), My Friend → [a person who is good that is mine] → jan pona mi, Joke → [something said that is fun] → toki musi [used as a noun], To Joke → [to say something fun] → toki musi [used as a verb], Quiet → [of a sound that is little] → kalama lili. Since its inception it has been considered an investigation into linguistic minimalism, a proof of concept for the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, and an application of the Taoist principle of 儉(jiǎn: frugality, simplicity, or moderation). Toki Pona is a constructed, minimal language, designed by the translator and linguist Sonja Lang. Note that I will use curly brackets {} to signify the omitted li, after I or You, to aid with sentence structure clarity. p����^�;�Ֆ���2Ȅ��ߊ@� ���UQ����2 ��>��+Z��ٹ��~��F�#���9��/�ƀ�.��e��A�L�z�d:�7���!U��%?� 0�n ۽!�m��E�!�"�d� ��h�����g�6��6�9av����07�6�|den��Ϸ[�#i���l����`3G/Zw����1r����d��nw�� �G�V:1?�H���@�&��8�����m`�bI��|�E�'��6�>���71���Lq�"����lk�*,�M�ݍ��l�eA�8���Ӣ�Ұ?������ј�r�R:k���3s>e=hIr�+.�LJ� .�1�b8�MAÉ�X��d Toki Pona demands we deconstruct both WHAT and WHY we are saying what we want to say, then rebuild the concept from the 120 roots. sona pi toki pona. 2 0 obj Once we understand this, working through Toki Pona becomes far simpler. Toki Pona demands we deconstruct both WHAT and WHY we are saying what we want to say, then rebuild the concept from the 120 roots. By 2010 the toki pona corpus was large enough to find dozen of examples of most kinds of usages for each word. endstream nasin pona li mute. &�L��Fx��eU�q���^�������&�6E�{.��FWه�����W0Ivi'����l3���%g m�,=�2@ Obviously there are other uses for commas and semicolons, but those will have to wait for another day. Thus I decided to create this monologue to learn Toki Pona. I love discovering weird quirks and paradoxes that my Anglophonic would never have considered. It is based in and extends toki pona, a philosophical artistic constructed language created by Sonja Lang in 2001.While toki pona is a great language, its purpose is not international communication, but to simplify thoughts and communication. (as if you were saying ‘He, Adjectives go after their nouns like in Spanish and French (. Normally Toki Pona uses the Latin alphabet , but many Toki Pona speakers create other systems of writing for this language. That goal is to distil thought down to its very essence by means of as small a vocabulary as possible. strength strengthen strike string strong struggle student study stuff stupid stupidity suck Sudan For serious, detail-oriented students, Sonja's book is worth the purchase. Unlike movie languages like Na'vi and Klingon, the canonical corpus isn't so clearly defined in toki pona. That is to say that this sentence has a subject (“I”) and an object (“dogs”) (In the future we will talk about indirect and direct objects. Like a pidgin, it focuses on simple concepts and elements that are relatively universal among cultures. stream The official site poses some brief discussion of the cultural values of toki pona. These are usually names of people, cities, countries, etc., taken from their native languages and adapted to toki pona’s pronunciation rules. The sky waters, but the air is not watery. Apart from a few purely grammatical components, most of the 120 Toki Pona root words change their job by where they are in a sentence. Glosbe dictionaries are unique. To do this we need to understand the two main verb types, transitive and intransitive. 254 儉 (jiǎn) is one of the 三寶 (sānbǎo: three treasures/virtues), of Taoism. A … <> Sentence = A complete concept containing at least one main clause, but often with helper (. toki pona pi nasin tan is the original, simple toki pona. Translations in context of "Toki Pona" in German-English from Reverso Context: Toki Pona ist eine minimalistisch angelegte Plansprache aus nur hundertdreiundzwanzig Wörtern. Lots of English adverbs end in “-ly” (e.g. I love learning languages. These 三寶 (sānbǎo) can be translated as following: (Note: these three treasures are not to be mistaken for the three treasures/jewels of Bhuddhism, Chinese medicine, of Imperial Japanese Regalia, or the Silmarils from Tolkien’s ‘The Silmarillion’). "sitelen pona": An alternate non-latin-alphabetical way to writing the 120 words of Toki Pona, as included by Sonja Lang in her book 'Toki Pona: The Language of Good' How To Talk Using Only 120 Words Toki Pona Toki Pona is a constructed language created by Canadian linguist and translator Sonja Lang in 2001. It’s another way of grouping words and an alternate, more robust definition of a clause. Phrase = a functional group not containing BOTH a [subject] and a [verb]. Toki Pona relies very heavily on expressing ideas by using root words together. Whilst many sources state that it takes around 10,000 words to attain approximate fluency of a language (a problematic simplification but nevertheless) Toki Pona only has 120 unique words. Toki Pona is not very well known, but it is the simplest language in the world. Now for some speedy Toki Pona. But since toki pona’s basic dictionary only uses 120 words (plus a few community additions), a logographic system for toki pona also becomes significantly easier to learn and use than that of Chinese, which requires knowing at least 1500 characters to achieve fluency. %PDF-1.4 This information is given by other parts of the sentence. Let’s build from the ground up with our parts of a sentence: We can get more complex and throw in a pronoun (a word in place of a noun) and use a more complex verb tense structure: Now we get a bit more complex. Anki. 5 Price: Free It is the go-to app for free (except on iOS) Spaced Repetition System (SRS) flashcards. Toki Pona favors simplicity over clarity, and touts itself as "the language of good. Back to subject-verb-object discussion. The corpus, particularly the proverbs provide some more linguistic ‘culture.‘ However, it hard to differentiate between an opinion, which could be expressed equally in any language and an description of the conculture of simplicity. Other languages structure differently, but thankfully for us Toki Pona only employs active SVO ordered structures. Rather, you can think of the predicate as referring to the concept of the action that the subject does, rather than the verb itself. jo ijo li ike e jan. o pana e pona tawa ma. The most popular queries list: 1K. The above Toki Pona example might be unambiguous in context, but there are other places where having a true copula allows you to express meanings than you could otherwise: Selo i vasa, pero selo e vasa no. stream We’ll talk about more complex Toki Pona structures in the future, but for now it’s time for geek notes. English. For example “moku” is the root associated with food and eating. My question is why dont we use “mi pilin pona tawa _” for example: “I like hot food” “moku seli li pona tawa mi” “Hot food is good for me” Or “mi pilin pona tawa moku seli” “I feel good towards hot food” This could also be used for “I dislike” with pilin ike. From there, a democratic system to choose emojis was set up, and various tools to type in this script on computers were developed. ;�����5����O؂o�\wV���Y�*�bx�����=]{aXg��]�� ���ˢ $���_cDmk�2!�l���6��?v9�^�fm���������m�q�>��&�RzćoM;C'Bd�VGB|��k�n�gx��i�����f��ik�;�� ��D� �U6`�!Y��ߨI� =H� Maybe I want to specify that I want the hot drink that will give me energy and keep me awake (because I forgot to study for a cardiology exam and I can’t read ECG’s for the life of me). Many of us felt that this is just a relex of English, whereas it should be 'toki kepeken toki pona' ('speak using/by means of Toki Pona'). However, some adverb-y bits aren’t just words, but collections of words. But you survived. It is basically a language like unto what you would expect from a primitive caveman language. Toki Pona. Thus you can learn Toki Pona in … pilin pona li pana e sitelen pona. How would one even convey that idea? See for the website of Toki Pona, including the official Toki Pona book (2014). How does this differ I hear you ask: In the latter case, “being red” is the action [predicate] rather than “being” [verb] in a way that is red [adverb] (which I suppose one might write as “tomatoes are red-ly”, with red-ly being an adverb. This side describes the entire grammar, the other side contains the entire vocabulary. The "12 Days of sona pi toki pona" series is a solid starting point, especially if you practice as you go along (on the Toki Pona Facebook page, for example). toki pona. Cheat sheet by blinry, CC0. limited and closed vocabulary, toki pona still exhibits many of the features of a natural human language. It is very simple and each word conveys multiple meanings, based on the core essence of that word or idea. x��\Ɏ$� ��W��@�CRl dVV|�߼ >�\���J=�TDV��TeFh�#�����y����Mo�S�q56����������������o�ߖ���m&>��oo�n�������ɘۻ�N��n���������ƥ����Ns�������Y˗��t������/����/>�lߌM3O�͘�:mq��9}����䏶0��ӏiq��Ͽ��|�緍�-��Q�?��^&+�zs��=�G�ե_�+�I�����qI��Ǐ����Z_���J+Zn���)L�����eo4F~{��~��[. This is how meaning can be encoded in Toki Pona, and therefore from those 120 roots you can encode as many concepts as you are able to construct. It’s what you do when your clauses are independent (not linked by a conjunction) but the writer feels that the ideas are linked. There is a subject (“David”) but no object, meaning the verb (“naps”) is intransitive. “Alex likes to eat pizza, but sometimes he overindulges”, “Alex likes to eat pizza but overindulges”. 9J��呢���8):�^3�s-� h�u@H���+�`�z$ Unlike other work with Sitelen Sitelen I want the writings to be generated by the computer. ... toki li pona. So, today let’s talk about grammar basics and how sentences ‘work’. The predicate is the action part of the sentence, but it doesn’t have to refer to a single verb. Hmm. Toki Pona is a constructed language with a specific goal. Check 'hello' translations into Toki Pona. �HAֱ���N Toki Pona was constructed by Sonja Elen Kisa in 2001. Quick’n’Dirty Pronunciation Basics: read “J” as “Y”, and stress the first syllable of each word, so “POtato" rather than the more natural “poTAto". See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. h i English and the official page in English an excellent site on in English in Russian in French in German in Esperanto This PDF booklet is a derivative work by Eliazar Parra Cárdenas in 2004 (translated to English in 2009). Nevertheless, the set I first learnt contained 120 words so this is the number I’ll refer to. Toki ma the language of the world Introduction. Banner image edited from image of sitelen pona from Toki Pona: The Language of Good, CORRECTIONS ARE NOT JUST WELCOMED BUT INVITED: CONTACT, GEEK NOTES: Introduction to The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, Here is a link to a comprehensive dictionary of toki pona's entire vocabulary, derived from Sonja Elen Kisa's book, Introduction to The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, 不敢為天下先 (bùgǎn wéi tiānxià xiān ~ “do not dare be first in the world”: humilty/modesty). Jump to phrases. 3. However, I could also go into more detail in the second description, and try to describe “coffee” somewhere along the lines of “[the hot water that will give me power and will not allow me to sleep]”, but to do so would be unnecessary and violate the spirit of Toki Pona which we might here equate to our friend儉 (jiǎn). Toki Pona Parser - A Tool for Spelling, Grammar Check and Ambiguity Check of Toki Pona Sentences. It’s an experiment to see how minimalist a language can get. The basic idea is that if you completely understand all of the grammar and words used in this story, you should know all of the words and grammar rules (at least most forms) in Toki Pona. Ok so now that you understand (what I at least interpret as being) the soul of this language, let’s learn a about different language entirely. I might then ask for: [water] [hot] [power] [sleep] [none], ≈ [the hot water of power that causes no sleep]. Let’s frame our discussion in terms of subjects and objects of sentences. A comparison of basic Toki Pona and English sentence structure. struggle verb noun 'strʌgl + grammar ... No examples found, consider adding one please. ante li kama. I love learning about languages. 5 0 obj Well done. Since my first high school Spanish lesson I realised how much I loved languages.


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